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Past Projects

In addition to our Partnership for Trauma Healing in Africa, we have developed many other projects. In 2009, we created the Valley Day Camp program. Valley Day Camp is a camp for children ages 6-12 that promotes emotional, behavioral, and social growth. The camp is recreational, fun, and offers traditional summer camp activities. What makes this camp unique is that specialized programming is built into the daily activities to provide opportunities for growth in friendship skills, emotional intelligence, communication and assertiveness, behavior management/self control, anger management, self worth, and self-confidence.

The goal of Valley Day Camp is to enhance the quality of life for children and families through the provision of state-of –the-art, high quality, accessible summer camp services and prevention programs. If you are interested in partnering to run this program with DRI, or if you are interested in purchasing the program itself, please email

Previous to Valley Day Camp, DRI created a counseling center for the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington, DE. We consulted with the LACC to incorporate elements from their existing programs into a new, cohesive counseling program that met their growing needs.

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