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Our Mission and Vision: 

Development & Research Innovations, Inc. (DRI Delaware) is to transform people and communities through the advancement and accessibility of mental health services, interventions, programs, research, and education. We envision partnering with local and global people, agencies, and communities to fill gaps in services in communities, contribute to the general body of knowledge in the field, and to create high quality, research-driven, innovative programs that lead to real life impact, growth, and healing in individuals and communities; locally and globally. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Newark, Delaware.

Our Values:

DRI values:

  • High quality services that are accessible to all regardless of income, language, gender, race, geographic location, or creed

  • Excellence in all endeavors

  • Education as foundational to growth and change

  • Research as a means to developing better, more effective services

  • Collaboration within and between communities and organizations

  • Faith as central to life and hope 

  • Safety as vital

  • Culturally sound program development 

  • Developmentally appropriate services for children and adults 

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